We are a team of young entrepreneurs offering international, unique interior decor for your home and work. The wooden panels we make are handmade with unique details, which help to create a warm and cozy, as well as chic environment.

The wood used in the production of the panels is created by nature itself, having been weathered by years of exposure to the sun, rain, and snow. We then take these natural creations and shape them into intricate modern interior designs.

Natural wood

The panels are manufactured out of natural wood – fir, pine, and oak trees.


Every single panel of the wood is individual due to its natural unique pattern and shade. The width of every panel is the same, while the length and thickness may vary. As a result, the 3D effect, which perfectly portrays the bumps, hollows, and uneveness is created.

Unlimited arranging possibilities

The panels can be put together in various ways in the environment depending on the clients wishes and needs.

Light decoration

The panels easily cover little cracks in the wall. Special wall preparation for the decoration is unnecessary if the surface of the wall is clean and smooth. Gluing panels to the wall is simple, all you need is mounting glue.